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are in bankruptcy right now. the city of las vegas is bankrupt. we have no republican leadership. the leadership here is in the tank. let me say something else. if it were not for the jobs act, we would not have -- harry reid has been a great thing getting our watershed. that is federally funded money that is helping two areas, with the rain water and our roads. outside of that, we have nothing. the swap meets are doing much better than anything else in the north las vegas. they do better than the casinos'. who want to spend their money in this economy in the casinos? host: he brings up harry reid. how is he playing in both the presidential and senate race out there? guest: harry reid has put together a machine that is second to none. i think that is the only reason barack obama is doing well here. he made a concerted effort to put together a machine for the democrat party that was going to do nothing but support him and who he wants to support. as far as north las vegas, it is near bankrupt for one reason. they have the highest public union salaries of any city in the state. their city council
of this effort for getting the finances under control in the city. firefighters, which detroit needs, because i think it must have the highest case of arson in the country, these guys are laid off. about two weeks later, 100 guys are rehired and when you look to find out where that money came from, it is the department of homeland security. they have a fund for things like that. i don't want to that something you want to think about. the homeland security stepped in to keep detroit as a visit could be for the moment. we are talking about -- a wondered making this film -- we saw the auto industry bailout and a bank bailout, are we heading into an era of bailouts for cities? >> more on this sunday at 8:00 on cspan's "q &a." >> cspan is asking middle and high school students to send a message to the president in a short video. they will answer the question -- what is the most important issue the president should consider in 2014? this is open to students grade 6-12. go on line to student can.org for more details. >> in north carolina, a former republican mayor of charlotte and a democratic lieuten
the flooding and pumping out the water in new york city can move more quickly. there may be resources to bear to help. private utilities get their equipment and personnel in place so we can get power up and running as soon as possible. so my message to the governors and mayors and through them to the communities that have been hit so hard is that we are going to do everything we can to get resources to you and make sure any unmet need is identified. we are responding to it as quickly as possible. i told the mayors and governors if they're getting no for an answer somewhere in the federal government, they can call me personally at the white house. obviously the state and local federal response is important, but what we do as a community, what we do as neighbors and fellow citizens is equally important. a couple of things i want the public to know they can do. first of all, because our local law enforcement, first responders, to the extent everyone can be out there looking out for neighbors, especially older folks that is really important. if you have a neighbor nearby you are not sure how they
, here is dean. the shifting population creates the 4th district. urban cities join sioux city and the rurlal district steve king has represented for 10 years. he's been winning reelection by comfortable margins, getting a fifth term -- but redistricting, drawing in ames and the iowa state university may dillute the republican dominance. christie vilsack moved to ames to declare dcandidacy for his seat. she traveled the state during tom vilsack's years as governor. welcome to iowa press. you are familiar with the format. with this audience and the iewers --on vewers, they will cheer at the beginning and end. the question in this debate edition come from sioux city journal writer bret heyward and kay henderson. >> mrs. vilsack, at an iowa fundraiser, you said, you were running to prove being a woman is not a barrier. do you ask for them to put aside their issues and vote on you because you're a woman? will think the delegation be stronger and i am from one of two states who have neve relected a woman. being a small-time person. and being 62 years old is something i bring to this
divine o beautiful for patriot dream that sees beyond the years thine alabaster cities gleam undimmed by human tears america, america god shed his grace on thee brotherhood >> the senator held the office the senator mcgovern held elective office servant the state of in south dakota for 22 years against strong odds in the early races, and then gaining the trust of his constituents to win by larger margins. in the senate race is in the 1960's and in the 1972. we know in the middle of that career and elected office, one of the most tumultuous times of our country's history in the late 1960's and early 1970's. all of us have man in our ninth look a point that time. the aleph have men in our lives that kimmel a at that time. the college campuses, the jungle of vietnam. they share stories to us about that time. the uncertainties they were experiencing as 18-year-olds. the 18-19, 20-year olds. my father and stepfather came of age during that time. my husband came of age during that time. two other great public servants in the great state of south dakota came to age at that time. both of the
a breaking point. one in four american students fails to obtain a high-school diploma. in our major cities, half of our kids don't graduate. half. in this war on poverty, poverty is winning. we deserve better. we deserve a clear choice for a brighter future. what is the alternative approach that romney and i are offering? to hear some tell it, we think everyone should just fend for themselves. that is just a false argument. that is setup to avoid a genuine debate. the truth is mitt romney and i believe in true compassion and upward mobility. we are offering a vision based on real reforms to lift people out of poverty. look. i'm a republican. our party does a good job to speaking to the part of the american dream that involves taking what you are passionate about and making a successful living. part of what makes america great is americans look out for one another through communities. we have a vision of making the community stronger, but we do not always do a good job of laying out that vision. we want to change that. we understand the importance of community from experience. i come from a
of constituent field offices in six cities. one person per office. in those days, we shared an office with the staff. i went to work and the senate staff in 1975. i was privileged to be a member of the state staff and it was special and the senator was back in state. he enjoyed driving my buick regal, speeding down the road, smoking a cigar with the window down. a typical day was spent going to scotland to visit the consol plant. we then drove north on highway 37 10 miles south. he said he was short of cash. this was before picard's an atm 's. -- credit cards and atm's. he filled out a counter check and the banker gave him the money. we motored on to mitchell where his family was waiting at their lake home. at another time, ralph morse, the president of the local trade and labor assembly stopped at the office to arrange. ralph stop by often to drink coffee and chat. he looked out the window and he saw my car, a red honda. it was parked in the parking lot. he told me i could not bring the senator to the label -- the labor temple in a foreign car. i could not part in their parking lot.
the power of sub-national governments, regional governments, local governments. so many times, cities and states and counties, provinces around the world, they are always waiting for some action on the national level. for instance, environmental issues -- the fact of the matter is that if you -- you as the state or local government can do a lot to move the agenda forward. we had a disagreement with washington under the bush administration when i became governor. they did their thing to protect the environment, we had another vision in california. we disagree, but we move forward. we did not wait for anybody. we made commitments to reduce greenhouse gases by 25% by year 2020 and 85% by year 2015. we came up with a portfolio of renewable -- a renewable portfolio of 30% by 2020. new common standards. all the things we did -- so much so that secretary-general bank ki-moon encouraged all the other countries to go in the same direction, national governments -- sub-national governments have power and organization. he wanted to encourage them to go in that direction. environmental issues -- t
the national press club. here's what i said yesterday at the new york city columbus day parade to the many bystanders. [speaking foreign language] that means everyone's italian. so it's tomorrow. so i'm back to not being italian anymore. there is perhaps no issue more complex than tax reform. but for all the disagreements on taxes as most policymaker, democrats, republicans, independents what the broad outline what tax reform might look like and you get a stark lingly consistent answer. broaden the base by getting rid of loopholes in the tax code that approach has distinguished lineage. ronald reagan and the 1986 congress invented this. in the upcoming talks on the fiscal cliff, we should scrap this. the old style of tax reform is obsolete in a 2012 world. it does not fit the times because there are two new conditions that did not exist in 1986 but are staring us in the face today. first, a much larger and much more dangerous deficit and second, a dramatic increase been income and inequality. old-style tax reform could make both conditions worse. but don't dismiss the old framework lightly
cities and farms, its open arms, one nation under god ♪'s america ♪h yeah, whoo ♪ [playing "sideways" by dierks bentley] ♪ ♪ hey now here we go nothing slowplay gotta make them come back for more ♪ ♪ gonna get a little bit sideways ♪ na na na na ♪ just about ended four hours after the presidential debates, mitt romney talking to norfolk, virginia. we are opening up our phone lines to get your thoughts on what you heard from mitt romney and also from paul ryan and what you thought about the debate. you can call us at at 202-585- 3885 if you are a democrat. call 202-585-3886 if you are a republican. call 202-585-3887 if you are an inindependent. we have a caller on the line. go ahead. caller: i believe that these two have sold their souls to the douevil. i think that they are hypocrites. total hypocrites. >> we have a republican caller from florida. go ahead. caller: i feel like, maybe, it seems like every year some blame them for what they have dawn or have not done. what is really going to happen? >> anger facebook page showed the people won the -- mitt romney won the deb
they are and, more importantly, how they voted. in campaigns, from presidential down to city council, every aspect matters. field, message, turnout, tv. the air wars get coverage because they are on tv but the ground wars are just as important. in a poll that our two firms collaborated on, the president was winning among independent voters by 13 points. in 2008, he defeated john mccain by 8% of independents. let's see where polls settle. i will be looking at the independent numbers. the other thing about barack obama's election, he won 43% of the white vote. in most of the national polls, that is where he is. look, the country is changing. in 2008, three-quarters of the electorate was white, down from the mid to high-80's. that number is going to change. in a close election -- i do not think anybody thought it would be a seven-point race. the metrics are there for him to win. >> to me, the most stunning numbers from 2008 -- if you take out 18-29-year-old and look just at 30 plus, mccain and obama tied. that shows you how important the youth vote is to the president. that is why you see air
to campaigning. the cities across our great country. i hear the same thing everywhere i go. we were hoping to see michelle. i have to admit it can be a grind. sometimes it feels like this race has drag on forever. paul ryan assured me we have only been running for two hours and 50 something minutes. [applause] the economy is on everybody's minds. i do not have a joke here. i thought it would be useful to remind everybody. we are getting to that time where folks are making up their minds. the other day, i was endorsed. that is a big relief. [laughter] tonight is not about the disagreements governor romney and i may have. it is what we have in common, beginning with our unusual names. mitt is his middle name. i wish i could use my middle name. [applause] even though we are enjoying ourselves tonight, we are thinking ahead to our final debate on monday. i am hoping governor romney and i will have a chance to answer the question on the minds of millions of americans watching at home. is this happening again? monday's debate will be different. the topic is foreign policy. spoiler alert -- we got bin l
, our appreciation to the city police and fire department, as well as the school district of clayton for hosting tonight's event. before we begin, i'd like to review the debate format. each candidate will give a 3- minute opening statement and a 3-minute closing statement. next, our panel will ask questions of both candidates. both candidates will answer the same question and have one and half minute to do so. rebuttals will be at the discretion of the moderator and will have 45 seconds. after that, we will take questions from the audience, who received an index card as they entered the auditorium. they were asked to print their questions out. i will pose those questions as long as time permits. let me introduce our official time keeper, rose windmiller. rose, please hit the green light. this means that the candidate should respond. when 30 seconds remain, both the green and yellow light appear. when 10 seconds remain, the yellow light will remain. when time is up, the red light will have to cut the speaker off. the audience in the hall has agreed to be polite and attentive. no cheer
to the inner city to work with high school dropouts. how did that inform the person you have become? >> i have tried to dedicate my life to helping those less fortunate than i. most of life prior to running three years ago was working with those less fortunate. i spent a good number of years working in the inner city trying to improve educational opportunities for young african- american, hispanic, and white children. i taught american history. >> i need to ask. you were born in thailand to an american father. your mother was of chinese extraction. you traveled in south asia and ended up in hawaii. how did that affect the person you became? >> i ended up in hawaii because my dad lost his job and no one would hire a man in his 50's. we ended up in food stamps. thank god for the student loans and the pell grants that were there for me that allowed me to go to college. the programs mr. walsh has called free handouts. if you talk about what has affected me, it is the hard work, the personal responsibility, and the struggle to make something. >> we have to bring this to an end. thank you very much.
. salt lake city, staples, sports authority, his business ventures. governor romney will deal with immigration. he will deal with our deficit and he will deal our debt. he will do it successfully based on the history. president obama never had a that track record. host: we're talking with the florida republican chairman joining us from jacksonville. we have a special line for florida residents. our next call comes from a republican in venice, florida. caller: my question, i want to get some information about -- i live in district 16 and i have not heard anything about the polling on the race with fitzgerald. guest: we believe he will be retained as an incumbent. i would say to the republicans watching, you never want to be apathetic. you never want to take any race for granted. show up and vote for buchanan. we are in a good spot in that race. we expect to retain our incumbent. host: what about the 18th district? also the second district? guest: our polling tells us that alan west, we expect those incumbents will return to washington. i do not foresee any real problems in thos
and lost. [laughter] >> we are live at the al smith dinner in new york city. it is hosted by the catholics of new york. some comic relief every four years at the end of the political campaign. the standup routine for the presidential candidates. they just finished eating dinner. al smith iv is making introductions. >> a lot of people criticized the mayor's decision to ban drinks. this is an issue of deep personal suggestion -- significance. a couple of years ago, the mayor almost drowned in a big gulp. [laughter] how it it -- how is it going over there? last but not least, we have governor romney and president obama. [applause] dashing, ork soand as you call it, as your governor, business casual. -- as you call it, governor, business casual. [laughter] my great-grandfather got into politics for very simple reasons. he liked people. rich, poor, a democrat, republican. al smith was a friend to all. [applause] throughout his public life, he was a champion of the worker, an advocate for the needy. and a plain-spoken voice. as you all know, my great- grandfather was the first catholic nominee f
of events on capitol hill to public policy events taking place around the city. today, senator chuck schumer, a new york democrat, will speak at the national press club, talking about the presidential election and tax reform. it will have that live on c-span radio. on the president still election, we cover all the debate. it's the next debate is thursday night with the vice- presidential candidates. vice-president joe biden. these programs will air on c- span television and c-span radio. we have special programming every day weekdays from 5:00 until 7:00 p.m. eastern time. washington day is our news and information and interview programs. we invite you to listen in and call in and we catch up on the latest news of the day. that is weekday's monday through friday. supreme court oral arguments air on c-span radio. an argument on affirmative action this week. and will take place to. the court releases oral arguments once a week. you can hear this affirmative action case on c-span radio at 4:00 on friday. on saturday night, american history airs on c-span radio, followed by overnight programming
looking for jobs. things are especially difficult for minority cities. what will it take and what will you do if elected to support job growth? >> thank you very much. thank you for everyone for being so hospitable. i am glad to be here, and i am glad you started with jobs. we have nearly 200,000 people unemployed in massachusetts. there are higher unemployment rates here in springfield. it is a serious problem. i look at this as a short-term and long-term problem. short-term, they should put people back to work. i was surprised when senator brown of voted against a three in a row that would have supported 22,000 jobs here in the commonwealth of massachusetts, would have prevented layouts, and police officers, it would have put construction workers back to work. why? it would have been an increase in taxes, not for most people, but for those who make a million dollars or more. making the investments in education, making the investments in research, and we make those investments together and build a future. that is what it will take over the long run to build a stronger future here in weste
around the environment. we go into lots of cities and we help them grow economically to create jobs, help the environment. we do a tremendous amount for education and veterans. we have hired -- thank you, veterans -- 4800 veterans in teh last 18 months or so. 17 companies have hired 70,000 veterans. a lot of people of taare talkin. we're doing. we try to participate. healthy, vibrant company makes all this possible. with a dying company, none of this is possible. if i did not make the customers happy, there is no anything else. i have never separated them. in that, we will be making mistakes. that may go back to this issue one more time. we have something like $15 billion exposure to hedging and stuff like that. you could easily tell me to get that down. we have been in spain for over 100 years. if you are italy, how would you feel it jpmorgan cuts and runs? do not be a fair weather friend. be here in good times and bad for me. just like that, things go bad. everyone knew that italy and spain would go bad. how could you not know? you made a decision. it may be the wrong decision. this is
coming up over new york city fame and fortune one kid helps to pay the rent one could end up going to prison when just might be president -- one just might be president only in america dreaming in red, white, and blue only in america where we dream as big as we want to we all get a chance everybody gets to dance ♪nly in america o sun going down on an l.a. freeway newlyweds in the back of a limousine banker's son and a daughter all they want is everything she came out here to be an actress he was a singer in a band they just might go back to oklahoma and talk about the stars they could have been only in america dreaming in red, white, and blue only in america we all get a chance everybody gets to dance only in america ♪ ♪ only in america where we dream in red, white, and blue only in america where we dream as big as we want to we all get a chance everybody gets to dance only in america yeah, only in america only in america where we dream in red, white, and blue and we dream as big as we want to ♪ only in america ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> president obama and mitt romney with key ad
or inner-city cleveland, you can do that because your repayment obligation is determined by your salary, not the other way around. [applause] believe it or not, i cannot believe people do not know this. believe it or not, this is $60 billion cheaper over 10 years than the old system, so, what did they do with the $60 billion? they used it to guarantee increasing pell grants to keep up with inflation and nature tuition tax credits will be there for middle-class families. so, president obama's position is get it fully implemented by the end of 2014. now, 2013. they move it up year. when is governor romney's position? repeal the law, give the money back to the banks, mixed in loans more expensive, increased the dropout rate because it will be harder to repay and more costly, and give the subsidies back to the bank. it is a clear choice. if i were a student in any college or university in america, on that alone i would say i have to reelect barack obama, president of the united states. [applause] let's talk about the health care deal. in health care, president obama took the recommendations
city's response. the balance of that is false. i have had better votes since then. voting against obamacare, voting against cap and trade, dodd- frank, those were better votes, but the rest of those allegations are false. >> he is one of 11 congressmen who took a vote against hurricane katrina relief. i think that everything i said in that ad is true. we have researched all of it. these are congressman king's own words. >> and he is using one to define mrs. vilsack. let's see what it says -- [video clip] >> what does it mean if mrs. vilsack calls for tax increases? she is for increasing taxes on job creators and in this stagnant economy, christie vilsack will effect -- it means she does not have a clue of jobs. >> mr. king, you've seen the ad. how do you respond? >> that's the first time i've seen that, but am happy to respond. mrs. vilsack wants the tax increase to kick in on millionares, and many of them are job creators and small businesspeople. i thank that is consistent and accurate but that is not but -- that is the first and i have seen a and it is not mine. >> mrs. vilsack
. in the meantime, i am on the road in a different city between just about every day between now and election day. >> but why can not we have another debate? why not the one in houston? what are you afraid of? >> i am focusing on supporting our campaign. that is what we're doing. i'm listening to the voters of campaign -- tx. >> you can build the support in a debate. >> we agree to this one. look -- i understand you are working very hard to get media coverage. it is not our obligation to help you in that. you can go convey your message to texas voters. i am conveying mine. >> is your obligation to face the voters of texas. >> i am doing that. >> as you said, state by tv, is the critical point. you have had the opportunity. even for the tea party debate, which she would not do. why what he faced me now? >> we are sitting here right now. you can launch every attack you want to right now, on television. an unscripted, moderated format -- this is an unscripted. >> you will not face me six times. >> maybe you could actually respond. you are facing right now. attack me however you like. and wes move fo
the workers in between jobs get the skills they need and help the kids in our inner cities get out of the schools that are trapping them in poverty and give them a good education so they can get on with their lives. cut spending. balance the budget and stop the washington knows best and we can keep spending money we do not have. let's champion small businesses. this is bigger than that. this is not just getting jobs. it is not just creating energy. it is bigger than that. america, it is an idea. it is not just a country with a flag. it is not just wisconsin or ohio or california or maine, it is an idea. you know, it is the only country founded on an idea. the idea is really clear. thomas jefferson said it so well in the declaration of independence. our rights come from nature and nature's god, not from government. that is the answer to the american idea. [applause] our founders established this. i see cheese heads all over. it makes me hungry sometimes when i see that. i see veterans here. the veterans of this country put on the uniform and serve our nation and secured each and eve
may not know, el paso is the safest city its size in america. our border is a great economic engine, a great cultural factor, it is a diverse cultural region, and we cannot stick our head in the sand any longer. we need to secure our borders. that is our sovereign right. we should do that. that is our right. we have the military to do that, right there in el paso with equipment available to do so. by that, we have surveillance techniques capable that we can utilize. the federal government should be doing it. but we have to -- we should have already passed the dream act for these children in this state who through no fault of their own are here. they have no country. all they want is the american dream. ted likes to talk about liberty, but he only wants liberty for people he agrees with. liberty for these kids means becoming a citizen. why we turned them down over and over is beyond me. we should pass the greenback. -- the dream act already. finally, we should have a worker program to identify people here. they should pay taxes. then we should have some kind of clear pathway. it doe
the city. for example, chuck schumer will be speaking about the presidential election and tax reform, and we will have that live on c-span radio. speaking of the presidential selection, we cover all of the debates. our preview, of the vice- presidential debate begins at 7:00 on c-span and c-span radio. we have special programming every day, "washington today." it is a news and interview program. we invite you to listen in and call and as we catch up on the latest news of the day. supreme court oral arguments air on c-span radio. this week, the high court is hearing an argument on affirmative action. that will take place tomorrow. the court releases their oral arguments once a week, and you can hear the case on c-span radio at 4:00 on friday. saturday night, "american history," followed by "book tv." we replay "meet the press" and more, sunday afternoon. host: c-span radio is aired here in washington, d.c. if they do not live here, how can they listen? guest: new technology has made the radio station available on a number of platforms. you can listen to us on satellite radio and find
the earmarks right now. that is a wonderful thing. businesses in cities and others can compete for federal grants on a merit-based basis rather than by political patron is. that was a terrible system we had, and it is a good riddance. i am proud of the road i played the role i played. the last thing we need is to go back to the earmark era where politicians in the house and senate are picking winners and losers. that is not what we need. what we need is for the federal government to establish and create an environment where the private sector can flourish. >> talking about earmarks is exactly the kind of craziness we do not need any more. earmarked -- $16 trillion debt. earmarked account for 1/2 of 1% of the federal budget. we are better off, but talking about that is like talking about a drop of water in the ocean. the government does not create jobs. the private sector creates jobs. if you one example, take a look at texas. the people in texas are close to the people in arizona. why and there -- is their economy doing so fantastic? they are consistently ranked as one of the top state fri
, we need more space for their ally israel. they see president obama in new york city the same day -- instead of meeting netanyahu, goes on a daily talk show. when we say that these options are on the table, the secretary of defense walked them back. they are not changing their minds. that is what we have to do, change their minds. >> you both saw benjamin netanyahu hold up that picture of obama with a red line and talking about the red line being in spring. can you solve this? if you are elected, can you solve this in two months before spring and avoid -- >> we can debate the timeline. i agree that it is longer. we both agreed that to do this peacefully, you have to get them to change their minds. they are not changing their minds. >> the ayatollah sees an economy being crippled. 50% fewer exports of oil. the currency is going in the tank. he sees the economy going into free-fall. he sees the world totally united in opposition. the president has met him a dozen times. he has spoken to netanyahu as much as he has spoken to anybody. just before he went to the un, i was in a conferen
from london and other cities around the world. >> steven johnson is our guest sunday on "in depth." he will look at popular culture and computer networking and politics live at noon eastern on a book tv on c-span 2. >> mitt romney and president obama met for the first of three planned presidential debates. this one was moderated by jim lehrer. >> good evening from the magness president barack obama and the republican nominee mitt romney. how many of the have been in the hall for these debates before? so you although the rules. absolute silence. for those of you who have watched on television the primary debates know that is not the case. the rules are different here for the stevens. in the early days when i first started addressing the audience in the hall, i would say, you make no new or even applaud, cheer, i will turn it around and make you stand up and humiliate you in front of the whole world. i do not do that anymore because everybody knows the drill. certainly all of you do. you have come here for an important reason. most of you are here and are committed supporters. you know h
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